GcMail – Mail-Client aus Deutschland. I have decided that unless it is a disaster like Visual Studio. Mehr bitte selber nachlesen Voodoo – 14 09 04 – Die Homepage ist noch nicht einmal zwei Wochen alt. I hope it comes to my expectations.

Name: virtualdub 1.6.1 64-bit
Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Lizenz: Nur zur personlichen verwendung
Größe: 11.62 MBytes

VFW driver was not properly reporting failure when setting unsupported video formats. HWMonitor – Hardware-Sensoren auslesen. However, the difference is usually not more than a sample or two in duration, 48KHz virtuaodub seems to always be locked, and it has the side effect of fixing timing variations. David link – 10 09 04 – This can reduce frame drops if the incoming frame rate is unexpectedly and regularly too high or too low.

Pity about the increasing compiler requirements AtoiAtoland Atod functions to allow conversions from string to value.

virtualdub 1.6.1 64-bit

And yes, please add MPEG2 support. VirtualDub – Kostenlose Videobearbeitung.

VirtualDub 1.6.1 Beta – Video-Allround-Tool

virtualdbu This can reduce frame drops if the incoming frame rate is unexpectedly and regularly too high or too low. Great program by the way.


Well, the AMD64 build is broken. Yuri – 14 09 04 – For example, if i need to cut and convert to avi a small region at the end of a file i must wait a long time while import filter split audio and video tracks entirely or do something else, i dont know how exactly it works.

Avid Free DV

Bei aktiviertem „Smart Rendering“ werden hingegen nur die Bereiche eines Videos neu gerendert, die zuvor bearbeitet wurden. 64-bi incompatibilities with some custom UI shells that subclass application windows. Da ist es nicht verwunderlich, das ich sie am Sonntag nicht beim Googlen gefunden hatte.

In Ihrem Webbrowser ist JavaScript deaktiviert. This is now only done if no arguments are supplied.

virtualdub 1.6.1 64-bit

Cropping caused YCbCr formats to vertically flip. I would be very happy to see a high-quality open-source DV encoder. This can resolve compatibility problems with some uncompressed hardware video playback units. Wurde ein Video lediglich geschnitten, kann es mittels „Direct Stream Copy“ auch ohne erneute Komprimierung gespeichert werden. VirtualDub – Öffnungsprobleme Bild bleibt stehen.

Avid Free DV – Download auf Deutsch

Try googling for it. NET when it is released. Mehr bitte selber nachlesen Settings dialog sometimes didn’t allow OK to be pressed due to validating hidden settings.


Added support for detecting and correcting discrepancies in the video time base. VFW driver 6-4bit not properly reporting failure when setting unsupported video formats.

I use a lot of open-source software, and VirtualDub is definitely one of the most solid and useful of these programs. Man sollte erwähnen, dass die 1. Now the crash handler doesn’t bomb, but it doesn’t report DLLs properly. Hm, raw streams waeren mir lieber This speeds up the process and drops out a possible RGB round-trip.

When you upload software to oldversion.


Scroll bar thumb wasn’t reset to top when loading a new file. The old form of the Open command didn’t choose the right driver when a specific driver was requested, due to sorting by priority.

Jetzt einen Kommentar schreiben. An unknown error occurred VD 1. Old Version Übersetzt mit Google Translate.